STEP-Geneva Past Events

Luncheon meetings are held in Geneva each month (except in August) addressed by experts in the many areas of interest to trust and estate professionals.

Past meetings
4th of July 2019 – Luncheon

Topic: Trustees and AML: Current practice and regulatory developments.

Speaker: Me Taulant Avdija (BDO SA – department Regulatory & Compliance

13th June 2019 – Luncheon

Topic: Transmission d’une trust company: valorisation, vente, succession.
Speaker: Edgard Brandt

16th May 2019 – Luncheon

Topic: Modification de La Loi fédérale sur le droit international privé en vue de l’harmonisation du droit suisse avec le Règlement européen en matière de succession
Speaker: Florence Guillaume (Professeure)

7th May 2019 – Trust accounting and auditing seminar

Speaker: Amdrew McCallum

11th April 2019 – Luncheon

Topic: New Zealand trust case law: how to use it.
Speaker: Geoffrey Cone

14th March 2019 – Luncheon

Topic: EU substance requirements on companies based in the British Overseas Territories (including the Cayman and British Virgin Islands) and Crown Dependencies (including Jersey and Guernsey)

Speaker: Mr. Ian Perrett (Partner / Withers LLP)

7th February 2019 – Luncheon

Topic: Reconciling trustee obligations and GDPR
Speakers: Deborah Pennington and Alan Baker

17th and 18th January 2019 – Alpine Conference

Alpine Conference – Interlaken

13th December 2018 – Luncheon

Topic: UK trust registers
Speaker: Fillipo Noseda

3rd and 4th December 2018 – An Introduction to Trusts

An Introduction to Trusts

27th November 2018 Seminar – Seminar

Event: Trust Accounting and Auditing
Speaker: Andrew McCallum

15th November 2018 – Luncheon

Toipic: Data hacking- Risks specific to professional services companies. Lessons learned from the Panama and Paradise papers.

6th November 2018 – Technical Event

Topic: The regulation of trustees: a comparison with Guernsey and the BVI
Speakers: Rashid Bahar and Marcus Leese

11th October 2018 – Luncheon

Speaker: Nicholas Hochstadter
Topic: Transparency, what do client expect ?

5th July 2018 – Luncheon

Topic: Art in trust . pratical and legal issues
Speakers: Richard Bagnall-Smith
Willem-Joost de Gier

14th June 2018 – Luncheon

Topic: Jurisprudence genevoise en matière de trusts.
Speaker: Sophie Thorens-Aladjem

17th May 2018 – Luncheon

Topic: Successions et régimes matrimoniaux suite aux nouveaux règlements européens

Speaker: Me Nathalie Thevenet-Grospiron (Notary)

19th April 2018 – Luncheon

Speaker: Frédéric Baldini
Topic: New Trends in Philanthropy

8th March 2018 – Luncheon

Speaker: Fabianne De Vos Burchart
Topic: Regulation of Trustees in Switzwerland

8th February 2018 – Luncheon

Speaker: Luigi Belluzzo
Topic: Italian non-dom regime. One year of experience

31st January and 1st February 2018 – Alpine Conference

Alpine conference – Interlaken

14th December 2017 – Luncheon

Speaker: Fred Milner
Topic: Jersey and Guernsey structures: technical issues and practical guidance

2nd November 2017 – JUMP

Speaker: Rasmus Ankersen
Topic: Hunger in Paradise
Venue: Hotel Mandarin

12th October 2017 – Luncheon

Speaker: Thierry Boitelle
Topic: Projet fiscal; the new Swiss corporate tax reform

21st September 2017 – Luncheon

Speaker: Professeur Audrey Leuba
TopiC. The new Swiss equivalent to living wills

6th July 2017 – Luncheon

Speaker: Bruno Santiago
Topic: Golden Visa Program associated with a special tax regime for foreigners in Portugal

15th June 2017 – Luncheon

Speaker: Jay Rubinstein
Topic: Planning for an American-Swiss succession: tax and legal aspects

18th May 2017 – Luncheon

Speaker: Daniel Paserman
Topic: Aliyah, Pre-Immigration Planning, Tax, Trusts and Succession under Israeli Law

06th April 2017 – Luncheon

Speaker: Nicholas Bennett
Topic: Anglo-Swiss pre-nuptial agreements

9th March 2017 – Luncheon

Speaker: Alexandre Brodard
Topic: Avant-projet de révision du droit des successions

7th May 2019 – Trust accounting and auditing seminar

Event: Trust accounting and auditing
Speaker: Andrew McCallum

Venue: Hotel Métropole

9th February 2017 – Luncheon

Speaker: Pablo Pecina.
Topic: Consequences of CRS when structuring wealth for Latin American clients.

15th December 2016 – Luncheon

Speaker: Yann Mrazek
Topic: Estate planning for expatriates in Dubai

28th and 29th November 2016 – An Introduction to Trusts

An Introduction to Trusts

15th November 2016 – Technical event

Topic: CRS
Speakers: Nicholas Pell, Stefano Lembo and David Wilson

3rd November 2016 – JUMP Lecture & Champagne

Speaker: Nigel Farage
Topic: Brexit

Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Geneva

20th October 2016 – Luncheon

Speaker: Richard Manyon
Topic: Removing troublesome trustees and protectors

Sponsored by ThatcherMackenzie Executive Recruitement

15th September 2016 – Luncheon

Speaker: Nicolas Capt
Topic: Digital legacy and planning

7th July 2016 – Luncheon

Speaker: Sonia Velasco
Topic: Spanish CRS, tax and legislative novelties.