Feisal Alibhai  

Founder and Integrative Head at Qineticare 

About Qineticare:

The complexity of today's modern lifestyles, family dynamics and healthcare system requires a multi-dimensional perspective. As the world’s first family health office, Qineticare’s global team of experts will walk you and your family through a journey of self-discovery and integrate key insights of your health and wellbeing, enabling you and your family to live in harmony and create enduring impact.

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About Feisal Alibhai:

As a 35 year old 3rd generation family business entrepreneur with over 10,000 employees in 15 countries, Feisal received a wake-up call one day with the news that he had stage three cancer. He felt his life was over, but when he was unable to visualize saying goodbye to his two toddler sons, he chose to do whatever it took to transform the cancer.

To maximize his odds of survival, he turned to functional medicine, integrative doctors and beyond, building a team of world experts to support him. Seven years later, with his cancer in remission and feeling he had moved through the worst, he received what felt like the harshest blow of all, his wife proceeded with a divorce. ​

Looking back, he recognized all the warning signs he had missed, and spent the next seven years helping his family and friends to prioritize what matters most. In 2013, Feisal founded Qineticare, the world’s first family health office. Qineticare’s mission is to empower individuals and families through an integrative journey to live in harmony and create enduring impact.

Books and articles by Feisal:

Author of “Four Steps to Flow: Living a Meaningful Life Head and Heart United

Co-author of “The Missing Piece of Dynamic Durability: Bridging Human Systems with Family Systems”, published in the FFI Practitioner, February 2022.

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